Vitabu Vyetu is a non-governmental organization in the process of upgrading from a community-based organization and was founded in March of 2014. The organization symbolizes the sense of ownership of ones education and books, which are the main tools needed for one to build their future.

We aim our efforts towards reaching out to the various marginalized schools in counties all over Kenya through the starting of libraries and giving priority to African story books as well as facilitating the education tools – writing books and stationery to enhance the reduction of illiteracy.

Our vision is to see that every child receives a good and quality education in line with Kenya’s 2015 millennium development goals as well as improving the reading culture amongst children seeing as they are the future generation.

We are answering a need that will guarantee a future for the world, Education. Its accessibility is being strained and we may face a dilemma if we do not conserve the very tools that made as who we are.

The organization seeks to accomplish its projects through raising funds thatenable us to purchase the various books, stationery items or services that will facilitate the delivery of our activities effectively. Our funds are well accounted for and transparency is upheld to every degree.

The organization seeks to accomplish the its projects through raising of funds through various avenues such as the social media such as Facebook , Twitter ,Instagram and the like to spread the word about the event as well as the Media such as Radio ,Television, Bloggers and V-loggers. If opportunity allows us, fliers and posters as well. This is to enable us to cover large grounds and raise as enough funds for the projects.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world



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